The “blue transformations” in small-scale fishing communities: Factors mediating successful transformations from small-scale fisheries to aquaculture

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We plan to assess the applicability of using a resilience framework to explain different outcomes from the transformations from wild-caught fisheries to aquaculture occurring in different fishery communities in Baja California Sur.  This will allow us to understand the transitions holistically, including the well-being and local context of the fishery communities. We will do this by using an exploratory sequential mixed methods design, where we will use a combination of qualitative data, such as interviews and direct participant observation, with quantitative data such as structured surveys of communities that are transitioning from fisheries to aquaculture in Baja California Sur. The main learning goal of this Mobility is for students to learn the value of conducting environmental justice research by working alongside community members to assess how different transitions affect diverse stakeholders. The students will learn how to conduct interviews, surveys, and direct participant observations with community members and local stakeholders (i.e., government agencies and non-governmental agencies), perform a systematic literature review of national fishery documents of Mexico, learn how to statistically analyze the datasets they will create, and learn how to compile strategic communication and education materials to deliver to Mexican agencies and communities. The expected outcome of this Mobility is the development of guidelines and frameworks that stakeholders and communities can use to implement future aquaculture projects in small-scale fishing communities in ways that enhance their adaptive capacity by considering the communities’ cultures and local contexts and the system’s resilience in Baja California Sur, Mexico. We anticipate this research will subsequently expand to other communities that are transitioning soon to aquaculture elsewhere in Baja California Sur and other areas in Mexico (i.e., Morelos, Nayarit, Jalisco).