Identifying the vulnerability of fishing communities and targeted species to climate change to optimize the role of MPAs in enhancing socio-ecological resilience

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Cal Ocean Protection Council
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Climate Change Science
Marine Conservation, Policy and Education

The project will develop species distribution models for all marine fish and invertebrates harvested in California’s commercial, recreational, and tribal fisheries. The project team will use these models to project range shifts under multiple climate scenarios and measure changes in Marine Protected Area (MPA) coverage. Highly detailed fisheries-dependent data will be used to characterize the species and fishing grounds currently targeted by every California fishing community. Shifts in each community’s fishing grounds will be projected and used to identify vulnerable communities whose fishing grounds are expected to contract, migrate, and/or become concentrated inside MPAs. This will empower adaptive management that could strengthen traditional fisheries management regulations for fisheries losing MPA protection or lessen regulations for fisheries gaining protection, especially for fisheries targeted by vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.