PISCO: Climate resilience and evaluation of MPA networks

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Oregon State University
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Ecology and Evolution
Marine Conservation, Policy and Education
Natural Marine Resources

Dr. Caselle will be part of a multi-university team of researchers working to communicate the science of climate change effects on marine protected areas. Caselle will play a role in the following activities:

  1. Propose and run a Symposium at IMPAC5. IMPAC5 is the Fifth International Marine Protected Areas Congress, a global forum that brings together ocean conservation professionals and high-level officials to inform, inspire and act on marine protected areas. The proposed symposium that will bring together international speakers and participants with a dual goal of a) creating a synthetic “what do we know now” report based on knowledge and lessons shared during symposium and b) beginning to build a community of practice around the issue of climate change and MPA performance. Anticipated products include:
    • Summary report from the Symposium which will help inform the communication products
    • Publication on findings in a conservation focused journal.
  2. Create communications products for the MPA Leadership Team and their audiences (e.g. CA Fish and Game Commission, stakeholders, general public). The strategy for developing these communications is to first provide background on past ecological results, building from previous outreach materials (e.g. A decade of Protection in the Channel Islands) as well as numerous past technical reports and publications. Much of that research and outreach highlighted positive, and in some cases dramatic, results from some MPAs. Our task now is to summarize the latest results which will be presented in technical reports that are being finalized in Fall 2021. The products generated for the MPA Leadership Team would constitute the foundation for additional products tailored to effectively convey these concepts to their broader audiences. These products (short videos, brochures, web content) would be used by the MPA Leadership Team (and CDFW and OPC in general) for their communication purposes, but also be available for dissemination by others, including PISCO.
  3. Convey the information to the MPA Leadership Team and their audiences. To ensure that the products described above are effectively communicated with the MPA Leadership Team, we will convene a series of virtual informational meetings with the Leadership Team throughout 2022. These meetings will culminate in a 2-day in person meeting in Fall 2022 in preparation for the Dec 2022 Decadal Evaluation presentation to the CFW Commission. We will also take advantage of any opportunities for informal engagement with members of the leadership team through 2022, as well as others within relevant CDFW departments (e.g. kelp group).