Software Tools for the Mitigation of Wind Turbine Interference in the U.S. IOOS Network

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In coordination with collaborators at WHO!, CODAR, Rutgers and MARACOOS, Emery will investigate integration time modifications and other signal processing modifications to reduce mitigation needs and/or increase the accuracy of the mitigation methods. Emery will investigate and testing changes to HF radar operational parameters to identify best practices, which will be summarized in documentation required to advance the readiness level (RL) of the mitigation product.

Emery will participate in and conduct validation analyses with the hybrid dataset. The hybrid data set simulates a real-world deployment, including realistic background variability, assessing. the differences in the HF radar observations before and after the inclusion and mitigation of wind turbine interference (WTI).

As pa11 of the validation study, Emery, will perform comparisons between radar and in situ observations prior to and after the radar observations have been modified to include simulated WTI, and then run through the mitigation software. In coordination with CO DAR and WHOI collaborators, this includes identifying differences and determining if the differences are attributable to either the WTI or a particular characteristic of the mitigation method (e.g. data loss or data corruption), estimating errors in the HF radar surface current measurements, identifying any spatial dependence associated with WTI or the mitigation methods, and identifying the dependence of mitigation capabilities on oceanic and atmospheric conditions (e.g. wind and wave conditions). Emery will assist in the production of documentation, reports and papers describing the methods and results of the analyses.